waste management

Enviro Care can design and implement a Waste Management Program (WMP) to meet the needs of its clients. Enviro Care has the staff and experience to provide the necessary program for small and large quantity generators.

Enviro Care also has developed, implemented, and currently services a waste management program for a California municipality.

Waste Management Programs

Employee training on EPA regulations (marking, storage, manifesting, and disposal)

  • Develop Waste Tracking Programs (DOS, Windows, or Apple Programs)
  • DOT Transportation guidelines (storage, marking, labeling, manifesting, and transportation)
  • Off-site Tracking and Disposal
  • EPA Reporting Requirements
  • Air and Water Discharge Permits

Waste Brokerage

Enviro Care’s experienced staff can assist in the development and implementation of proper, cost-effective strategies to meet each client’s complex waste disposal requirements. Our trained personnel can assist you in:

  • Hazardous Material Management, Storage and Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Transportation
  • Land Disposal Restrictions
  • EPA Spill Cleanup Policies
  • Waste Manifesting
  • Tracking Hazardous Waste
  • Thermal Destruction
  • PCB Management
  • All Current federal, state and county waste regulations.

Lab Packs

Enviro Care has extensive experience in performing lab pack services to the following industries:

  • Major Utilities
  • Mines
  • Chemical Labs
  • Clandestine Labs
  • Universities
  • R&D
  • Oil Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Military
  • Private Companies

Enviro Care lab pack chemist identifying and packaging laboratory chemicals for EPA RCRA disposal.

Enviro Care recognizes and is concerned about the liability of its customers and the effect waste has on the environment. Consequently, we only advise use of approved facilities for land disposal, treatment, stabilization, incineration, blending or recycling. Enviro Care has established financial arrangements and signed disposal agreements with the following Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF):

  • Envirosafe Services of Idaho Inc.
  • Clean Harbors
  • Systech Environmental Corp.
  • U.S. Ecology
  • Treatment One
  • DIC Services
Project Description
Identified, sampled, and removed over 1,000,000 pounds of miscellaneous PCB items.
Mine Provided site removal of transformers from mine site.
Retro Fill Reclassify PCB transformers to non-PCB transformer status for local school district.
Transportation Provided bulk PCB liquid transportation for major Disposal facility.
Remediation Sample, transported, and disposed of 750,000 pounds of transformers for public-owned municipality.
Sulfuric Acid Tank Remediation Managed the neutralization and cleaning on a 3 million gallon Sulfuric Acid Tanks. Procedures included formulation of neutralization process, air monitoring, demolition and scheduling transportation.

The table above is representative of the various types of projects in which Enviro Care has provided service. Additional and more detailed information pertaining to individual projects is available upon request. Information on projects of specific interest, but not shown below, is also available upon request.

Enviro Care, EPA ID number UTD988074712, is a licensed and insured hazardous waste transporter. Insurance coverage includes $1,000,000 Environmental Restoration Liability (MCS-90), $10,000,000 Excess Liability and $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability. Enviro Care holds ICC interstate authority and Utah intrastate hazardous authority. Power units are prorated in 31 states and have permits to transport hazardous waste in:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

(Many stated do not require hazardous waste transporters to obtain permits).